HACCP és Kíváló magyar sertés


CSICSOFARM is a group of companies all of them work in agricultural area.

The Csurgó „Zrínyi” ZRt. joined the group in 2007. The ZRt. is primarily engaged in crop production. The main task of the company to produce non-gmo feed crops (corn, wheat, triticale, barley) for the animals in the group. Products over the livestock needs are sold on the market. In its grain-drying plant it dries, cleans and stores the crop supplied from the farmers of surrounding area.

The Csicsó Pig Ltd. was established in 2010. Its main activity is the production of high quality finishing pigs. Our livestock is constantly being expanded. Our capacity currently is 75000 pieces of pork annually. This year, 2015 was the year of additional 8000 seats and it will be expanded over the next two years with another 8000.

Most of our customers are domestic sloughterhouses, but we are in contact with foreign partners or traders.

Quality: our input growing material is 100% hungarian sources. We work with Hypor Magnus genetics. Since 1500 porks are sold on a weekly basis, we can provide a variety of size and quality ( barrows, gobes, heavy weight, etc.) Long-term cooperation is important for us, so we always produce stable quality.

Our group is one of the largest employers in the surrounding area. As the company continues to grow, the number of employees also increase proportionately. Currently we emloy about 50 people.

Our family came to Hungary in 1996. Over the years we have gained all Hungarian citizenship, so now the group officially consist of 100% Hungarian-owned companies.

We take part of the social responsibility. We are supporters of the Csurgó Men Handball Club, the Csurgó Women Handball Club and also Csurgó Football Club.